Redmi Note 11 charges in 15 minutes

New details have emerged about the fast charging of the Redmi Note 11 smartphone, which supports a 120W charger, as we reported earlier today. The head of Xiaomi, Lu Weibing, noted that the Redmi Note 11 will use two batteries and two charging pumps. A charging pump is a type of converter that uses capacitors to vary the input voltage of a power supply. Charging pumps can double or triple the voltage, halve it, invert, fractional, or scale.

Two batteries are connected in series and the voltage of one cell is reduced, making charging safer, while two charging pumps are connected in parallel with less resistance and less heat. Redmi also stated that there are only 14 mobile phone models in the world that support 120W fast charging, with an average price of over $ 625. That is, it is a technology that only flagship premium devices support. Redmi Note 11 will be the first mid-range smartphone to support 120W charging.

It also became known that 120-watt charging will be able to charge the Redmi Note 11 smartphone from 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes. The smartphone will be officially unveiled on October 28th.

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