Russia has released a big update for Huawei FreeBuds 4 with new features

Firmware update resolves connectivity issues, improved low volume playback and added Find Headphones that can be used on any Huawei smartphone via the AI ​​Life app. In addition, the earbuds will beep after activating the function.

Also added is a function of improving the quality of speech, which adjusts the sound individually for each user in order to help people with mild to moderate hearing loss to better perceive information during audio and video communication. The feature is only available when paired with Android devices. 

In addition, in the update, you can adjust the sound quality. Thanks to sound wave detection technology, this function recognizes the shape of the ear canal in milliseconds to personalize the sound to suit different types of human ears. 

To update the software to version on Android and iOS devices, you need to connect the headphones via Bluetooth, launch the AI ​​Life app, and open the charging case for the headphones. Next, in the headphone menu, you need to select the "Update" section and check for available updates. 

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