Russian brand Caviar offers iPad mini 6, iPhone 13 Pro and Airpods Max for 5.5 million, 3 million and 4.4 million rubles

The Russian brand Caviar, known for its extravagant versions of flagship smartphones, has presented a new Prime collection, which includes new Apple devices iPad mini 6, iPhone 13 Pro, but not only them. 

iPad Mini 6 Prime is offered in two finishes - Goldplated and Gold for 399,000 and 5,490,000 rubles, respectively. The former is gold-plated, while the latter uses a solid 18K gold plate for the back. A total of 99 versions of Goldplated and 6 copies of Gold will be released. 

iPhone 13 Pro Prime and iPhone 13 Pro Max Prime are available in Prime Total Gold. As Caviar notes, this is the most exclusive new product of 2021. The back is crafted from solid 18K yellow gold. The price starts at 2,725,000 rubles for the iPhone 13 Pro with 128 GB and extends to 3,095,000 rubles for the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1 TB. 

Another novelty is the Airpods Max headphones in black and gold. There are also two versions available - Goldplated and Gold plated with 18K gold. The decoration uses black genuine crocodile leather. The circulation will be 99 and 9 copies, respectively, and the price will be 354,000 and 4,390,000 rubles

Gold iPhone 12 Pro and iPad mini 6 are available to buy and receive now, with Airpods Max shipping starting December 15, 2021.  

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