Samsung begins mass production of 14nm DDR5 DRAM with EUV

Samsung Electronics has announced the start of mass production of 14nm DRAM using hard ultraviolet photolithography (EUV). The company shipped the industry's first EUV DRAM last March. Since then, the number of layers formed with EUV has increased to five. According to the manufacturer, this is the most advanced process technology in the industry.

It provides the highest storage density available today, allowing you to get about 20% more memory from a single platter. In addition, the 14nm process technology can help reduce power consumption by up to 20% compared to the previous generation.

According to Samsung, the new memory will help achieve "unprecedented speeds" of up to 7.2 Gbps, more than double the maximum DDR4 speed of 3.2 Gbps.

Samsung plans to release new DDR5 memory for data centers, supercomputers, and corporate servers. In addition, it is planned to increase the density of crystals up to 24 Gbps.

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