Samsung Display will significantly increase shipments of mid-size OLED displays next year

Samsung Display, the market leader in small organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, plans to significantly increase shipments of mid-size OLED panels next year, the source said. The South Korean manufacturer is said to be shipping at least 10 million panels of 10 inches or more during the year. This is about 60% more than this year when the supply of such panels began to grow rapidly. Samsung Display is expected to dominate the mid-size OLED display market as well.

Medium-sized OLED panels are designed for use in tablets and laptops. It is estimated that Samsung will ship 6-6.5 million of these panels this year, eight times more than last year.

The impetus for the adoption of OLED displays in laptops was the growth in demand for mobile computers due to the pandemic and the transition of a huge number of people to remote work, education and entertainment.

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