Samsung Galaxy A73: Best-selling smartphone lineup could get a Chinese OLED panel

Samsung may use Chinese OLED panels for its next flagship Galaxy A. The Galaxy A73 could be the first in its lineup to feature a non-Samsung OLED display. BOE and CSOT are potential suppliers, both of which are allegedly already developing panels for the Galaxy A73. 

However, Samsung has not yet made a final decision. As usual, the company will first evaluate the products of the suppliers, and then it will make a decision. It is possible that part of the Galaxy A73 will be equipped with panels from Samsung itself, and some will receive panels from Chinese companies. At the same time, of course, Chinese products are cheaper, which will allow Samsung to earn more or reduce the price of a smartphone. 

Samsung has already used CSOT panels in some Galaxy M models, but Samsung Display panels have always been used for Galaxy A. Why the top model of the Korean giant's best-selling smartphone line was chosen for the experiment is unclear.

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