Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones will be delayed, but the Galaxy S21 FE will still be released

Resource SamMobile believes that Samsung may postpone the launch of a new line of flagship smartphones due to a shortage of chips. The source believes that for a start, the company will still release the Galaxy S21 FE. The device, we recall, definitely exists, since its page appeared, among other things, on the official website of the company, but the announcement has not yet taken place. Various sources periodically claim that the smartphone was canceled, and then write that it will still be released. 

SamMobile believes that the Galaxy S21 FE will appear quietly and only in January. And its launch is also being delayed due to a shortage of chips. In addition, the device may initially only be available in some countries. At the same time, it would be strange to release new flagships and a relatively old affordable flagship at the same time, but the announcement of the Galaxy S22 line at the end of February before the start of the MWC 2022 exhibition may be the most convenient for the Korean giant. Then the stocks of chips will be higher, and there will be a gap between the release of the Galaxy S21 FE and the new flagships.  

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