Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones will receive batteries from the manufacturer that glorified the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung in the upcoming flagship smartphones will use batteries from the manufacturer that made the Korean giant famous a few years ago. And glorified in a bad way. 

We are talking about the Chinese company ATL, which will be one of the suppliers of batteries for the Galaxy S22 line. And it was ATL that was the supplier of batteries for the Galaxy Note 7, which went down in history with its fires.  

True, there is no point in worrying, since ATL has been supplying batteries for various Samsung devices for at least a year now. This includes smartphones from the Galaxy A and Galaxy M lines, headphones, and smartwatches. In addition, the first batch of Galaxy S21 devices was also equipped with ATL batteries.  

In addition to this Chinese company, Samsung SDI will also supply batteries for Galaxy S22 devices.  

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