Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra flagship showed on new renders

Designers continue to offer various versions of the main camera of the future flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It's just that the original version with a "flowing" camera seemed to many to be very unsuccessful, after which a version with two blocks appeared. It looks more organic. And now another option has appeared.

The designer presented the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera with island modules - each of them rises above the body on its own, there is no common block. The camera in the Galaxy A32 is solved in a similar way.

The paradox of the Galaxy S22 Ultra "flowing" camera is that it seems to be imposed by the manufacturers of covers, while another camera can fit into the cutout of this very cover: both with two blocks and with island modules. In fact, this is the main intrigue of the Galaxy S22 Ultra - at the moment there are at least three camera options, and it is completely unclear which of them will be launched in the series.

Recall, according to rumors, the production of Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones will start in November, and the official premiere and start of sales are expected in January.

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