Samsung Galaxy: This information is hidden in the firmware designation

Samsung regularly releases Android updates for its Galaxy phones. These have version numbers. We'll tell you what information is hidden in these. The South Korean manufacturer Samsung regularly supplies its Galaxy phones with smaller and larger Android updates. The new firmware has a version number made up of numbers and letters.

The code is not chosen at random but has a meaning. We explain to you what information you can read from the firmware name.

For example, the latest firmware for the Galaxy S21 Ultra is called G988BXXU3AUIE . The first part of the version number G988B denotes the model number of the Galaxy S21 Ultras. XX means that the mobile phone is the European version. Other countries or regions such as China, the USA, or South Korea are identified by a different code.

In addition, there can be different codes per country, for example, if Samsung offers a specific version of the model for a mobile operator here, reports the fan blog TizenHelp.

U3 denotes the boot loader version. The letter A below refers to the Android version. "A" means it's the first major Android update for this device, "B" the second, and so on. A "Z" at this point would mean that the update is a beta version.

The year is also included in the version number

The current year is also coded in the version number. 2018 had the letter "R", 2019 "S" and 2020 "T". For this reason, 2021 will be given the letter "U".

The 12th letter in the firmware number indicates the release month of the software. "A" stands for January (1st month), "I" for September (9th month). The last letter stands for the build version of the update. Before an update is rolled out, developers test it extensively internally.

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