Samsung has sold over 600,000 Smart Monitors with its own OS in a year

Samsung announced that it has sold more than 600,000 Smart Monitors in a year since its launch. The manufacturer called it a huge success.

In fact, a year has not passed yet, as the first models hit the shelves in the middle of November last year. 

Recall that Smart Monitor is a monitor with its own operating system. It can be used both as a regular PC monitor and as a replacement for a smart TV. It is based on the Tizen operating system familiar just on Samsung TVs. It allows you to connect mobile devices, control smart home systems, work with Microsoft Office 365 without connecting a PC and, of course, consume various content from many services, including YouTube, Netflix, and so on. 

Initially, only a 32-inch Smart Monitor model was available, but this year Samsung has expanded the lineup quite a bit.  

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