Samsung laptop with unannounced Intel processor lit up in the benchmark

The Samsung Galaxy Book has been spotted on Geekbench with an unannounced 12-core Intel Alder Lake processor.  

The software detects the CPU as Core i7-1270P. It is unclear whether the serial processor will retain such a name, but on the whole, the naming principle will probably remain. Given the names of the desktop CPUs, it will probably be the Core i7-12700H. 

In any case, this is a 12-core processor with 16 threads support. That is, it has four large nuclei and eight small ones. Also, the CPU has 18 MB of L3 cache. Frequencies are clearly misidentified, although 2.5 GHz may be the base frequency. 

Accordingly, it is not worth talking about the result of the benchmark, since it is unclear how close the test CPU was to the serial one.  

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