Samsung smartwatches: The company has released a new firmware for the Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung has released a major update for its new smartwatch. The firmware with catalog number R8 ** XXU1DUJA is being distributed in South Korea and will be released in other markets soon. 

The update brings the Galaxy Watch 4 models, which Samsung itself calls its best smartwatch, four new watch faces. In addition, now in place of the dial, the user can set an animated image at his discretion. 

The update also adds more playful, according to the press release, animations to the Steps Challenge dial to track how the user copes with their step rate. The animated bear will accompany you at every stage of your competition - from stretching before you start the competition, to applause when you win.

Gesture controls now let you do more. In addition to moving your forearm up and down twice to receive calls and twisting your wrist to reject calls or turn off alarms, the update includes a new hand movement that can act as a useful shortcut to activate a selected app or feature. With a simple wrist motion, which Samsung calls “knock-knock,” you can open a pre-selected app, open a workout list, turn on the lights, or even create a new reminder. You can access your favorite or most used app or feature.

In addition, Samsung has improved the heart rate sensor and stress detection function. Added sensitivity option to drop detection. Currently, users can use gestures to answer calls and reject alerts and calls.  

Samsung has also improved the usability of AR Emoji, Together, Bitmoji, Rnimal and Cute Character. 

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