Sony has reported for the next quarter and the PlayStation 5 sales are stable

Sony has reported for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2021, which ended on September 30.  The company's sales in annual terms grew by 13% to $ 21 billion. Operating income rose only 1% to $ 2.8 billion, while net income more than halved to $ 1.87 billion. 

Sony also noted that PlayStation 5 sales remain relatively stable. During the quarter, the company sold 3.3 million consoles, so that in total the company has already managed to sell 13.4 million devices. Game sales rose from 63.6 million to 76.4 million units, largely driven by games not affiliated with Sony's in-house studios. As a result, revenue from the sale of games grew by 27%, to 5.68 billion dollars. True, just because of the ratio of exclusives and third-party games, and the former is often more expensive, the operating profit decreased by several percent, to $ 728 million. 

Sony does not specify the number of smartphones sold, but, firstly, the Electronics Products & Solutions division, which includes smartphones, showed an increase in profit and revenue by 48.5% and 19.3%, respectively, and secondly, Sony directly speaks about growth in sales of smartphones in quantitative terms. He just doesn't elaborate on the numbers.  

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