Sony threatens to sue the company that sold PS5 replacement panels in black

Dbrand's products, aimed at users of the PlayStation 5 game console, became an instant hit in the United States: in February of this year, the entire volume of replacement panels that turned the PS5 completely black was sold out until May. And this despite the fact that the cost of Darkplates (the so-called "plastic") is considerable - $ 50. But now Brand is forced to stop selling Darkplates under pressure from Sony.

Dbrand said it received a letter from Sony “earlier this year” in which the Japanese company demanded a cessation of illegal activities and even threatened legal action over alleged design and trademark infringements. Dbrand obeyed (now only links to news and reviews on Darkplates are left on the company's website), but at the same time on the Reddit forum it spoke very impartially about the creator of PS5. In particular, Dbarnd wrote that she obeys "the demands of the terrorists ... for now." The company believes that customers have the right to modify equipment with non-original components, and suggested that Sony may restrict the sale of third-party accessories in order to sell its own or charge a license fee. Dbrand has not yet announced the resumption of sales, but said it will "speak soon."

What the conversation will be like is not clear, since it will be difficult to compete with Sony and its lawyers in any case, especially when it comes to such a hit device as the PS5, but Dbrand makes logical arguments using the example of cars. The company compares replacing PS5 plastic panels with replacing the bumper of a Ford F-150 pickup: the car owner has a choice whether to use the original bumper or a third-party one, and Ford cannot sue him simply because the choice fell in favor of a non-original part.

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