Spark Connected and TDK Unveil The Beast 2.0 Embedded Wireless Charger for In-Car Interiors

Spark Connected, which calls itself the world leader in cutting-edge and innovative wireless power technology, announced The Beast 2.0. This is a built-in wireless charger developed in collaboration with TDK.

The Beast 1.0, which has passed Qi certification, was released in 2018. It is currently used in 2021 model year vehicles, according to Spark Connected.

The next-generation device, which uses a coil developed by TDK, delivers up to 15W of power, meeting the requirements of the Qi v1.3 specification. It is claimed to have best-in-class EMC performance, is designed for a wide input power range, and provides continuous charging even when the engine is stopped and started. Separately, excellent user safety is noted, provided, in particular, by the function of detecting foreign objects in the range of the charger.

The advantage of the said multilayer coil, formed from copper by means of the electroplating process, well mastered by TDK in relation to power inductors, is the lower thickness compared to traditional wire coils. Coil thickness - 0.75 mm. The ultra-thin magnetic screen uses manganese-zinc (Mn-Zn) ferrite, which provides higher values ​​of permeability and saturation magnetic flux density. For the production of the screen, a “wet” layering process is used, which makes it possible to obtain a thinner and softer screen without high-tonnage pressing. The single-coil design has reduced parts count and cost compared to existing triple coil solutions.

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