The cost of Alder Lake processors in Europe is high

A few days ago, Intel Alder Lake processors appeared in the Dutch Amazon catalog. Recall that for the top-end Core i9-12900K in this country they ask for 847 euros. And, as it turned out, this is still not very much: in the UK and, interestingly, in neighboring France, Alder Lake is even more expensive!

In France, Core i9-12900K costs 920 euros! You can save a little if you opt for a Core i9-12900KF with a disabled graphics core - it costs 880 euros. But even it turns out to be more expensive than a full-fledged Core i9-12900K in the Netherlands. The cost of other CPUs in the Alder Lake line in France is as follows: Core i7-12700K - 636 euros, Core i7-12700KF - 436 euros, Core i5-12600K - 321 euros, Core i5-12600KF - (unexpectedly) 404 euros.

In the UK, the cost of these processors is as follows: Core i9-12900K - 930 euros, Core i9-12900KF - 885 euros, Core i7-12700K - 645 euros, Core i7-12700KF - 466 euros, Core i5-12600K - 365 euros. The cost of the Core i5-12600KF is not specified.

In general, it is clear that Intel Alder Lake will not be cheap. And, although there are no official prices yet, such "high price unanimity of retailers" on the eve of the official premiere of the Intel Core 12 CPU does not please.

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