The first iPhone cost its customers 81% less than the iPhone 13

Since the release of the first iPhone in the US in 2007, the cost of Apple smartphones has increased by 81% to date. This means that in 2021, potential buyers are paying an average of  $ 437 more for the iPhone 13 than users paid for the first-generation iPhone in 2007.

However, this is without taking inflation into account. And if with it, then the picture changes dramatically, and Apple no longer looks like a company cashing in on users: taking into account inflation over these 14 years, the iPhone has risen in price by only 26%. So, again, adjusted for inflation, the current iPhones are only $ 154 higher when you compare the iPhone 13 to the first generation iPhone.

If we look at the statistics by country and taking into account inflation, we get a very interesting picture. For example, in Russia now the purchase of an iPhone is even 2% cheaper than in 2007. But that's not a record - in Ireland, buying an iPhone 13 is now 32% cheaper than the original iPhone in 2007. In the US, the iPhone 13 is 12% more expensive than the first iPhone in the year it debuted. Well, the leader in price growth is the United Arab Emirates - in this country, the iPhone has risen in price by 110% in 14 years.

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