The first user reviews of "Aurora", the domestic OS for smartphones

The Open Mobile Platform company launched a public testing program for the domestic mobile operating system Aurora in mid-September 2021. The first reviews from the test participants were collected by the RIA Novosti edition. 

Users were given special devices for testing the Aurora. At the same time, about half a million smartphones and tablets with Aurora are already being used by employees of such companies as Russian Railways, Russian Post, and InterRAO. Plates with "Aurora" can be easily seen by ordinary Russians - 360 thousand devices were issued to volunteers of the All-Russian Population Census. Feedback from the "working class" is positive: the operating system copes with all scenarios of use.

The beta test participants are also generally satisfied. Beta tester Andrey G. argues like this:

Stable operating system. No lags, even on not very fast hardware. Getting comfortable with the interface is no more difficult than moving from Android to iOS. After a couple of days, you wonder why gestures do not work correctly in Android and why buttons are needed at all. " 

Another test participant, student Ivan P., said:

From the long-awaited domestic OS, little is required for the enthusiasm of a technology fan - it is enough that it is a functional solution created in Russia. But the developers are actively developing a system that is becoming more and more friendly, despite the corporate focus. I especially like the atmosphere of the team - all proposals are hotly discussed and amendments are made on the fly. After years of testing various operating systems, this is one of the most inspiring projects I've been involved in. " 

Aurora is primarily focused on the corporate segment, with a great emphasis on security. The interface is noticeably different from the usual Android and iOS - there are no shortcuts for applications and widgets on the home screen, only “skins of active applications”, and all control is based on gestures. 

 As noted by "RIA Novosti", beta test participants will be the first to get access to the version of "Aurora" 4.0 with a significantly redesigned interface, right down to fonts and icons, as well as significant changes "under the hood". 

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