The iPhone 14 can use QLC flash memory

Future Apple smartphones may start using QLC NAND flash memory. Sources say that the company is already working with some partners to develop appropriate solutions, which may already be implemented in the iPhone 14 line. 

Thanks to the transition to QLC, the Cupertino giant will be able to save, and at the same time, perhaps, offer even more flash memory in its smartphones, although, given some conservatism of Apple, it is not a fact that iPhones will be available in versions with 2 TB of memory in the coming years. 

At this point, it appears that Apple continues to use TLC memory, but this is memory made by Kioxia, not Samsung, which is most likely due to the lower price. Also, the new iPhones use LPDDR4X RAM, while competitors use the more modern LPDDR5 with might and main.  

The problem with the whole situation is that QLC memory is less durable and is designed for fewer rewriting cycles. And how this will affect smartphones is anyone's guess. 

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