The market for wearable electronic devices will approach $ 117 billion in 2025

The catalog of, which calls itself the largest report store, has added a report on the global market for wearable electronic devices. It provides not only an analysis of the current state of the specified market but also a forecast for the coming years. According to the authors of the forecast, in 2025 the market for wearable electronic devices will reach 116.88 billion dollars. This forecast is in line with an average annual growth of 17.12% from 2021 to 2025.

The growth is expected to be fueled by factors such as the proliferation of augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR) applications, increasing user engagement and spending on new technologies, rapid urbanization, and the growing popularity of smartwatches. Market growth will be negatively impacted by the limited battery life of devices, the requirement for continuous improvement, and data privacy concerns in wearable devices.

Much of the popularity of wearables is driven by the fitness boom, analysts point out. This, in particular, is the secret of the success of bracelets and smartwatches.

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