The most powerful Apple charger is not available for purchase,

For the current MacBook Pro 16, Apple has developed a 96-watt charger. It is no longer intended for any other Apple product at this time. And at the same time, for some reason, memory was in short supply. 

If you go to the Apple website, you can see that deliveries of such units are expected only in two to three months. This is the situation in the United States and in Russia. It is unclear what caused the problem - it is quite possible that a global shortage of chips. 

At the same time, one of the sources reports that in Japan, information about the delivery within two to three months appeared in August. Other MacBook chargers are available without delay. As for the 96-watt memory, its further fate is unclear. The bottom line is that in the foreseeable future, Apple should release a new MacBook Pro 16 with an Apple Silicon processor, which is unlikely to require such a powerful charger.

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