The new MacBook Air will also get bangs

It looks like the likelihood of "bangs" in Apple laptops maybe even higher than it seemed. Resource MacRumors found a mention of this in one of the Chinese forums. And the corresponding message is already two months old. 

Moreover, it says that the MacBook Air will also get a similar cutout. The message allegedly belongs to the same author who recently wrote about the MacBook Pro, only now this message has been noticed, unlike the previous one. 

In addition, the same source claims that the new MacBook Air, due out in 2022, will get rid of the usual wedge-shaped silhouette, which means that the thickness of the case will be approximately the same both at the front and at the back. It is unclear to what extent this information is correct, although we have already seen a photo that allegedly confirms the presence of "bangs". Recall that the announcement of Apple will take place tomorrow, so tomorrow it will become clear whether the era of "bangs" in Apple products will be delayed.  

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