The new Surface Pro X tablet could receive such a semi-custom platform

Microsoft's next-generation Surface Pro X tablet could get a semi-custom platform with AMD GPUs. Microsoft and AMD are currently working on a new SoC based on the Arm architecture, according to sources. 

AMD will be responsible for the graphics portion of this SoC. As in the case of the future SoC Exynos 2200, we are talking about a GPU based on the mRDNA2 architecture. The graphics core configuration assumes 8 CUs, that is, 512 stream processors. That's the same as AMD's current APUs and, for example, the heart of the portable Steam Deck. But don't forget that we are talking about a mobile-friendly architecture, so performance cannot be directly compared. The source says the GPU will be less powerful than the GeForce GTX 1050, but much more powerful than the Qualcomm SQ2 core in the current Surface Pro X. 

As for the X processor part, it is known that the Cortex-X2 cores will not be there, but the Cortex-X1 cores are expected to operate at significantly higher frequencies than in other SoCs. At least in the tablet, it is easier to organize sufficient cooling for this. 

As a result, the new Surface Pro X should be much more powerful than its predecessors and all other existing PCs based on Qualcomm SoCs.  

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