The operating system of the Analogue Pocket retro gaming handheld is convincing in the first few pictures

The delivery of the Analogue Pocket has been postponed several times, according to the current status the gaming handheld will not be delivered until December. To comfort customers about these delays, the manufacturer has now shared the images embedded below on Twitter, showing the mainboard including the FPGA chip and the device's operating system.

Not surprisingly, Analogue OS relies on a charming pixel look, the focus is on getting to your own games as quickly as possible. The gaming handheld can do much more than just play game modules, including Game Boy, GBC, GBA, Neo Geo Pocket Color, TurboGrafx 16, and Atari Lynx. Because the device also offers an extensive "library" with information about retro games, sorted by developer, system, and region.

Players can create their own playlists so that they can combine their favorite games into lists as they wish. Particularly exciting is the "Memories" function, which allows players to load saved games directly from and onto a game module and even to share them with other players - according to Analogue, there has never been such a functionality.

Players can take screenshots at any time and share them with friends. Analogue OS can show how long different games have been played. Many of these features will only be added after the launch with a free update to Analogue OS 1.1. Further details on Analogue OS and the Analogue Pocket can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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