The Pergear 10mm F5.6 lens costs 89 dollars

The Pergear 10mm F5.6 ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens has been added to the Pergear catalog. It is designed for APS-C cameras and is available in three versions: Fujifilm X mount, Sony E mount or MFT mount. In the description of the novelty, the manufacturer notes a solid metal structure, small size and weight. The lens is manually focused.

The focal length of the lens is 10 mm (EGF 15 mm, in the case of the variant for MFT cameras - 20 mm). The aperture does not change at f / 5.6. The field of view is 172 °. The 50mm diameter, 32mm long lens weighs 120g. The front element is multi-coated to combat direct light for high-contrast, glare-free images. The lens is equipped with a built-in petal hood. The minimum focusing distance is 15 cm.

The manufacturer has priced the lens at $ 89.

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