Top Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X Door Lock Goes On Sale

Sales of the new flagship smart lock Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X started in China today. The novelty will cost the first buyers $ 465, then the price will increase to $ 510. So it's better to hurry up with the purchase, besides, the first buyers will be given a smart speaker Xiaomi XiaoAI Speaker Play for free. And that's not all: the lock is backed by a three-year warranty, and the price also includes a one-time free installation.

We already wrote that Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X supports authorization using eight different methods. These include a volumetric face scan, a digital password, and a fingerprint scanner with NFC. The device can store data on the faces of 50 people in its database and is suitable for installation in a small office. The scanning system is designed for users from 1.3 to 2 meters tall. The diagonal of the built-in AMOLED screen, which displays service information and a face image as confirmation of user recognition, is 1.39 inches. Also among the functions of Xiaomi Face, Recognition Smart Door Lock X are automatic locking when the door is closed and a built-in video intercom. It is reported that the integrated battery with a capacity of 6250 mAh is enough for 4-6 months of operation of the lock.

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