TSMC delivered the first commercial batch of domestic Baikal-M processors weighing 76 kg to Russia

The Baikal Electronics company announced the receipt of the first large commercial batch of Baikal-M processors from the Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC. In total, 130,000 Baikal-M processors have been ordered from TSMC. The first batch was 5 thousand pieces and it weighs about 76 kg. In the future, deliveries are planned in batches of 10 thousand pieces per month. From the beginning of 2022, the batch size will gradually increase.

General Director of the company Andrey Evdokimov said:

Getting the first big batch of processors in the current difficult market conditions is a real victory for us. We expect that from January-February the entire supply chain will start operating at full capacity: 10-15 thousand chips per month. Building a serial production is a serious task, and we have invested in it on a large scale in order to ensure the stability of supplies and to minimize risks at all stages of production. " 

Vitaly Bogdanov, director of business development at Baikal Electronics, also noted that against the backdrop of a global shortage of semiconductors, TSMC decided to give priority to the production of chips for Apple and the automotive industry, but the domestic company managed "in conditions of fierce competition with the global giants of the IT industry" to show itself as a reliable customer with "ambitious plans" and select additional quotas. Now companies are already "seriously talking" about orders for 2023.

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