TSMC plans to start production of chips based on the advanced 3nm process technology

Chipmakers such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Samsung have already confirmed they are working on the next generation 3nm and 2nm processes for chip manufacturing. TSMC, the world's largest contract chipmaker, plans to begin manufacturing chips based on the 3nm process next year.

According to DigiTimes, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company not only plans to release 3nm chips but will also have an improved version of the same N3E manufacturing process that will launch in 2023.

TSMC is currently using the N5P process, which is an improved version of the N5, or 5nm process. This technology is used to produce the Apple A15 Bionic SoC. It is claimed to be more energy efficient than the standard N5 process.

Earlier it was reported that TSMC will begin mass production of 3nm chips in the second half of 2022 with the ability to process 30,000 wafers. TSMC will then expand its monthly production capacity to 55,000 units in 2022, with plans to expand to 105,000 units per month within a year thereafter.

Compared to the current 5nm process technology, the new 3nm process technology reduces power consumption by 30% and increases performance by 15%. Even with orders for 3nm products, the company will continue to pay attention to 5nm chips.

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