Tthe release of the iPhone SE 3 smartphone was postponed to 2024

Earlier, Ross Young, founder of research companies Display Supply Chain Consultants and DisplaySearch, received inside information that the release of the iPhone SE 3 smartphone was postponed to 2024. He will receive an LCD screen with a diagonal of 5.7-6.1 inches.

Initially, it was assumed that the iPhone SE 3 could receive a body from the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 and the usual bangs. But now there are rumors that an iPhone 14 with a small hole for the front camera may appear in 2023, so the iPhone SE 3 may also receive a new design. As for the fingerprint scanner, it is not yet clear if it will be, and if so, where it will be located.

Ross Young also reassured fans of the iPhone SE line with the information that Apple will release the iPhone SE Plus next year, only the Plus in the name will indicate not a larger screen diagonal, but improved characteristics compared to the current model. The iPhone SE Plus will have a design similar to the iPhone 8, a 4.7-inch screen, and modern hardware, including the Apple A15 single-chip system and support for fifth-generation networks. Apart from Apple, no other manufacturer has a strategy to release such tiny flagships, so the iPhone SE Plus will be the most powerful mini-screen smartphone ever.

Ross Young previously accurately reported the characteristics of the screens of the new iPhone 13 and MacBook Pro.

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