U.S. holiday season e-commerce sales growth is expected to hit a 6-year low

According to reports, market research company Adobe Analytics said today that this year's holiday e-commerce sales growth in the United States is expected to hit the lowest level in six years. The holiday season in the United States refers to the fourth quarter of each year, and the "Black Friday" after Thanksgiving (the last Thursday in November each year) usually marks the official start of the Christmas shopping season.

Adobe Analytics today predicts that due to the popularity of online shopping and the desire of some consumers to return to physical stores, e-commerce sales in the US holiday season this year are not optimistic. At the same time, discounts on the merchandise will also shrink.

Adobe Analytics predicts that between November and December this year, online sales in the United States are expected to reach US$207 billion, a year-on-year increase of 10%, at least the lowest increase since 2015. In contrast, last year's increase was 33%.

For e-commerce, global supply chain bottlenecks have also created new challenges, especially for hot-selling products. For consumers, if there is a risk of "not receiving online shopping products in time", they may walk into physical stores this year to ensure that they receive their Christmas gifts in time.

In addition, the limited supply of products may also cause retailers to reduce their preferential efforts. According to data from Adobe Analytics, online prices of goods have been rising for 16 consecutive months. During the Christmas shopping season this year, product discounts are expected to be between 5% and 25%, while the historical average is 10% to 30%.

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