USB-C: EU says another standard may be adopted in the future

Apple is failing to convince the EU to drop a new law that would make USB-C a standard for smartphone makers. The fact is that only Apple has problems with the new rules because the vast majority of Android smartphone manufacturers have already switched to USB-C. Rare models of Android smartphones in the budget segment come with a Micro USB port. However, Apple uses the Lightning port across its entire iPhone lineup.

Apple recently said that forcing companies to switch to USB-C would stifle innovation. The EU is now issuing a statement that contradicts this claim. According to the EU, the adoption of USB-C as a standard can in no way suppress innovation.

Anna Cavazzini, Chair of the European Parliament and Consumer Protection Committee, said the proposal leaves an open door for a different standard to be adopted in the future. If something better appears, then nothing will prevent companies from moving to the new standard. It is currently unclear how the transition to the future standard will proceed at this stage. However, the important thing the EU is trying to define is that the new proposal does indeed allow for further development. Companies can do research on new standards.

Apple currently uses its own Lightning port for the iPhone. Meanwhile, the new iPads and MacBooks have already switched to USB-C.

An engineer named Ken Pillonel recently unveiled the world's first iPhone with a USB-C connector, created by him.

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