USB-C in Europe is not only beneficial for the environment

Recently, the European Commission officially introduced a proposal to use a single USB-C connector for consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, digital cameras, headsets, portable speakers, and game consoles.

Apple said the EU's strategy is holding back innovation, but the EU denied the claims, saying the single charging interface is more beneficial for consumers and the environment. The European Union stressed that the introduction of USB-C will save European users around 250 million euros annually.

We will remind, earlier the chairman of the European Parliament and the Committee on Consumer Protection Anna Cavazzini said that this proposal leaves an open door for the adoption of another standard in the future.

It is clear that Apple is not willing to give up the Lightning interface. Firstly, it takes a lot of money to transfer smartphones to USB-C, and secondly, the company does not want to lose a large amount of licensing fees. The point is that third-party accessory manufacturers must obtain MFi accreditation. So Apple is likely to have to do it. 

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