Xbox Series consoles are in high demand even in the Sony PlayStation home market

Microsoft's game consoles of the current generation have proven to be in great demand in Japan - the Sony PlayStation's home market. New data shows that Xbox Series is not just in demand in the Land of the Rising Sun, but bypasses the previous generation at times.  

Since the start of sales, Xbox Series S and Series X have sold 102,591 units there (38,307 and 64,284 consoles, respectively). In comparison, the Xbox One generation took over four years to break the 100,000 consoles sold mark! That is, in fact, new ones are sold more than four times faster. At least for the available time frame. 

The statistics of the last week are also interesting. Over the past seven days, 527 Series X consoles and 2,920 Series S units have been sold. As you can see, now the junior model is several times higher than the older one in sales, although according to the results of the year, the opposite is true. Apparently, the deficit affects. 

Also, for comparison, you can provide data for other set-top boxes in Japan. During the week, they sold 2,099 PlayStation 5 Digital Editions, 13,786 units of PS5 discs, 8,650 Switch Lite consoles, and 32,792 older Switches. And they also sold 961 PS4 consoles, that is, they are still selling very well. If we are talking about all-time sales, then in the same order it is 178,000, 923,000, almost 4.1 million, almost 17.2 million and just over 7.8 million units. 

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