Xiaomi's first laser rangefinder presented

Laser rangefinders not only simplify the work of builders and help with repairs but are also very compact and easy to use. Xiaomi has previously announced a couple of rangefinders that are produced by its partners, and now the company has released the first rangefinder under the Mijia brand, dubbed the Mijia Smart Laser Rangefinder.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Laser Rangefinder has only one control button that allows you to turn on the device by pressing and holding it for 2 seconds. A short press starts the measurement, and a double press of the button toggles between the front and back control points. The one-button design makes it easy to operate the device.

The body is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and high-strength engineering plastic, which is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. After a short, the gadget can display the current length in real-time. The rangefinder uses an accurate and stable class II laser with a range of 5 cm to 40 m. The measurement error is ± 3 mm.

In addition, the gadget supports connection to mobile phones via the Mijia application for data synchronization, length/area/volume calculation, shooting, and floor plan mapping. The device has a built-in high-brightness LCD display, which can display current data, measurement history, units of measure, charge level, and other information. In terms of battery life, the built-in 370 mAh lithium battery allows for 3000 measurements.

The device is priced at $ 26 on the Xiaomi Youpin site.

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