12GB memory models of Huawei Hongmeng mobile phones will resume supply

A number of new mobile phones released or launched by Huawei previously adopted 8GB of memory. Now, according to Weibo blogger @菊厂影业Fans, Huawei's 12GB storage model may be returning.

Earlier, due to sanctions restrictions, Huawei could only sell 6GB and 8GB models. The 12GB model has been out of supply for a long time, but recently it seems to have been loosened. If it goes well, the 12GB version of some models may be restored by the end of this month. Supply, its guess is that the folding screen will be restored first.

In addition, future new Huawei mobile phones may also increase the 12GB memory version, and may even include the Mate 50 series.

Weibo blogger @TODO Plass said that if you want to buy a Huawei Mate X2 folding screen recently, you can wait, what if there is a new color scheme suddenly?

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