A gadget for those suffering from pain in the cervicothoracic spine presented on the Xiaomi platform

Millions of people around the world are well aware of the pain and discomfort in the cervicothoracic spine caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Due to the pandemic and work from home, the situation has only worsened.

An exciting new product called HiPee Smart Health Neck Ring is presented on the Xiaomi Youpin Collective Funding Platform. The smart neck ring monitors and corrects posture in real-time, 24 hours a day, and allows you to get rid of the pain.

Improper sitting posture and lowering the head are often unconscious movements that are difficult to control. Such a device allows you to correct the wrong posture with the help of reminders. The HiPee Smart Health Neck Ring has an AI-based algorithm that detects posture changes 360 °, tracking in real-time, reminding users to straighten up when they are working or just sitting with a smartphone in their hands.

In addition, HiPee Smart Health Neck Ring offers several somatosensory games that allow you to stretch out problem areas. With a high-precision motion sensor located in the device, it can sense body movements, track the direction of bending and the angle of the spine.

The device can synchronize with a smartphone and transmit information about the number of incorrect postures per day, the distribution of load and pressure on the spine, and so on. At the collective funding stage, the device is offered for only $ 30.

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