Amazon Echo smart speakers will support ultrasonic detection

Amazon’s Echo fourth-generation and Echo Dot smart speakers have ultrasonic detection technology used to detect objects in the surrounding environment to determine whether to turn on the lights and other household devices in the home.

This speaker has two high-frequency units, an upward low-frequency unit. Ultrasonic waves can be transmitted through the high-frequency unit in the front, and the returning sound waves can be detected through the microphone. Users can use the Alexa App to enable this feature and set the action to be performed when someone nearby is detected.

At present, other brands of smart cameras already support dynamic object detection but rely on vision to achieve it. Amazon's technology is similar to ultrasonic radar, which can roughly determine whether there is an object nearby. In addition, Google also uses ultrasound in Nest smart displays and Nest mini speakers to detect the distance between people and products.

The Amazon Alexa smart platform is also compatible with third-party sensor devices such as Philips Hue, Aqara and Centralite, and is connected to the smart home platform to automatically switch lights and automatically turn on music.

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