AMD Ryzen 6000 processors may come out in late January

Yuri Bubliy, aka 1USMUS and the developer of DRAM Calculator and Clock Tuner applications, announced that the new AMD Ryzen processors will be released at the end of January. He also named them Ryzen 6000. 

However, the Videocardz resource turned to the developer for comments, and as a result, Bubliy noted that he had no confirmation that the new CPUs would be called the Ryzen 6000, and that they would definitely be released at the end of January. However, we have already heard about the announcement and release of new processors at the very beginning of the year, so the information is generally the same. 

As for the rest, Bubliy mentioned CPU as part of the announcement of a new program called Hydra 1.0D. It will be complex for overclocking the Ryzen 5000 and Ryzen 6000 processors (if the latter will really be called that way), including automatic diagnostics and two proprietary "boost" technologies. 

Recall that the upcoming AMD processors will still rely on the Zen 3 architecture, and the main innovation will be the addition of the same 3D V-Cache. 

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