Anker's new accessory turns any iPhone case into a MagSafe case

Anker is known for its various phone accessories. The company recently unveiled an accessory called the Anker 310 Magnetic Ring that turns any old phone case into a MagSafe wireless charging case.

This accessory may be of interest to owners of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 who use regular cases. The thing is, Apple MagSafe covers start at $ 49, so not everyone chooses them. The Anker 310 Magnetic Ring, which sticks to the case, costs less than $ 10.

The magnetic ring comes with a paper guide to help you align the ring properly before gluing it to get the most out of your MagSafe wireless charging. The manufacturer claims that the Anker 310 Magnetic Ring is reusable: even if you tear off the magnetic ring to attach it to another case, the adhesive remains sticky.

Anker recommends using the Anker 310 Magnetic Ring with sheaths less than 2mm thick.

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