Apple co-founder Woz saw Apple Computer I 45 years ago and signed it

The Apple co-founder Stephen Wozniak (Stephen Wozniak) recently saw a piece of Apple Computer I and signed it.

Apple I was the first product released by Apple in 1976. At that time, the price of this computer was 666.66 US dollars . However, as a milestone in the history of electronic products, it has already bid up to $1.5 million in some auctions .

Therefore, this product is not seen every day, and it is complete, and the person who made it 45 years ago is still there.

This is an exclusive moment for Uncle Woz. He may not expect to see Apple Computer I again, and he signed his name on it.

And the owner of this product also tweeted: "Today we let the master reunite with one of his works... It's an amazing scene."

In the 1970s, 200 Apple Computer I computers were designed by Steve Wozniak, assembled and tested by Jobs, his sister Patty Jobs, and Daniel Kotke at Jobs' home. Among them, 175 units were sold at a price of $666.66. This interesting figure was also set by Woz. Fifty of these 175 Taichung units were sold to ByteShop in Mountain View, California.

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