Apple iOS/iPadOS 15.2 Developer Preview Beta3 released

Apple today pushed the iOS/iPadOS 15.2 developer preview Beta3 update to iPhone and iPad users . The internal version number is 19C5044b. This update is one week after the last release.

This Beta3 update does not add as many new features as the previous beta version, but there are some notable changes.

Macro mode

There is a renamed toggle switch in the "Camera" section of the "Settings" app, which clearly indicates that users can switch to the features added in the iOS 15.2 developer preview Beta2 .

The switching description of the system display is: "Display the camera controls used to automatically switch to the ultra-wide-angle lens to take macro photos and videos." After enabling this feature, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max users can tap a small flower-shaped icon in the camera app to switch the macro mode when they are close to an object.

iCloud Private Relay

In the cellular network and WiFi part of the settings, Apple changed the previous "iCloud Private Relay (iCloud dedicated relay agent)" switch to "Restricted IP address tracking", the function is still the same, but it is more clearly stated that it is turned on What happens when.

For iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, a macro option for taking close-up photos with an ultra-wide-angle lens has been added.


You can rename and delete tags in batches in the reminder application.

Fix the error

Streaming in music applications may result in higher CPU usage, which in some cases may result in faster battery consumption.

Users who import verifiable vaccination records cannot add them to the e-wallet app, and the health app may freeze.

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