Apple iPhone 14 Pro/Max mobile phones have been exposed

iPhone 14 series has been exposed, but it will not be released in a short time. There is news that Apple may bring some new things to the iPhone, including the USB-C interface that people have been looking forward to for many years.

Apple is considering launching a USB-C interface for the next iPhone, and the more specific news is that the interface will appear on Pro models.

According to information disclosed by multiple sources, there are three main reasons why Apple equipped the iPhone 14 series with a USB-C interface:

Transfer speed

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro will allow customers to record material in ProRes, which will take up a lot of storage space. For example, one minute of 4K ProRes video will take up 6 GB of storage space. This type of material is suitable for professionals who want to use iPhone to shoot video. Professionals need to export this video from iPhone to a computer for editing. At this time, Lightning may have problems. The Lightning interface has been in use since 2012, and it uses the transfer speed of USB 2.0.

Suppose a user recorded two hours of the original 4K ProRes video. This is a 720 GB file. Imagine that a two-hour 4K ProRes video (file size: 720GB) is transferred to a computer via Lightning. The user has to wait 3 hours and 45 minutes, but if the iPhone has USB-C and USB 4 technology, only It takes 2 minutes and 38 seconds to complete the above transmission.

Legal Issues

Apple hopes to avoid future legal problems caused by not including universal connectors such as USB-C. Both the US government and the European Union are promoting the use of USB-C ports in all devices and are preparing to impose fines on any technology company that does not comply with the standard.

The inclusion of the USB-C port in the iPhone Pro model can be used as a basis, and Apple can claim that they are in the transitional period to cancel the Lightning interface. It is estimated that by 2023, lower-end iPhone models will begin to be equipped with USB-C ports.

Environmental protection and cost

Protecting the environment is very important to Apple, and it is one of the core values ​​of this technology company. Apple executives knew that they could not continue to use Lightning because the latter would cause too many problems. If the iPhone switches to the USB-C interface, and all smartphones have only one type of charging interface, it will definitely help environmental protection.

This is just an idea, but Apple can also say that there are billions of USB-C charging cables on the market, so they will no longer provide charging cables to customers along with the iPhone, which will increase corporate profits.

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