Apple is preparing to launch self-developed products

Qualcomm is preparing for Apple to launch its own baseband chip, which will enter Qualcomm's baseband business from 2023. At the Investor Day event, Qualcomm Chief Financial Officer Akash Palkhiwala said that by 2023, Qualcomm expects to supply only 20% of Apple's baseband chips.

According to the report, if the estimate is accurate, this also means that 2022 will be the last year that Qualcomm will enjoy a monopoly on baseband chips on iPhone devices. For many years, Apple has been developing baseband chips. There have been rumors that Apple's self-developed baseband chips will be launched in 2023.

In May of this year, Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingchi said that Apple's 5G baseband chip may make its debut in the 2023 iPhone model, which is also in line with Qualcomm's expectations.

MacRumors pointed out that before the fierce legal dispute between the two companies, Apple tried to get rid of Qualcomm's chip business. Apple wants Intel to provide 5G chips for the iPhone, but Intel cannot meet Apple's expectations.

In 2019, Apple and Qualcomm resolved their legal issues. Apple agreed to establish a multi-year partnership because there is no other place to get the right chips for the equipment. Apple has also begun to develop its own baseband chips, the purpose is to finally get rid of the influence of Qualcomm. Apple also acquired Intel's baseband chip business to seize the opportunity.

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