Apple Watch patent image exposure

A leaked report showed the new design of the Apple Watch , using the flat-sided design now seen in the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro.

It is understood that Apple Watch appeared in a new Apple patent application, and the leaked pictures showed a more square chassis.

In addition, in this new patent application called "Wearable Electronic Device with Glass Case", Apple considers using this style to design Apple Watch. This patent application was filed by Apple in May 2020, and 22 of its 28 drawings conform to some of the previous claims. The rest of the drawings are cross-sections of components and close-ups.

Apple applies for hundreds of patents each year, and even if they are approved, they may not necessarily produce products . Apple and other companies may apply for patents more to protect themselves from future litigation, rather than to launch specific devices.

Some netizens ridiculed: This just means that engineers and technicians find squares easier to draw, not that they are "squares" themselves. I still prefer my Apple Watch Series 7.

Exercise and health have become a development direction of Apple Watch. According to previous media reports, Apple is developing a technology that does not pierce the skin to measure blood sugar levels. It will be integrated with Apple Watch in the future. If this technology is successful, it will bring good news to diabetics around the world and will further stimulate Apple Watch Sales.

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