Battery is no longer the Achilles heel of PlayStation 5 consoles

The problem with the CMOS battery in PlayStation 5 consoles is almost completely resolved. Let's remind, earlier it was found out that without a battery (or when it is discharged) the set-top box is not able to run digital copies of games, does not have access to the Network, and does not run some discs. 

A CMOS battery powers the internal clock of PlayStation consoles, and when players try to launch a game on the console, it compares the internal clock to the date and time on the remote server. If the battery is removed or low, the console will ask players to manually enter the date and time on boot, and then try to synchronize the date and time online. However, in the past, when the PlayStation Network had problems with the server and the console could not connect to it, games could not be played at all. This meant that there was a risk that if Sony ever shut down the PlayStation Network in the future, it would theoretically cause the consoles to practically stop working. 

Now tests have shown that Sony has fixed the problem. PS5 in any modification runs all available games, including digital ones. The only exceptions are games that require a PS Plus subscription. In them, in case of problems with the battery, you will not be able to play.  

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