Both the Meizu Digital series and the Note series will return

Meizu Blue mobile phone previously announced that it will return, and will focus on the design and experience of the thousand-yuan phone or even the one-hundred-yuan phone, so that the Flyme experience lowers the barrier to entry.

Today, Meilan Technology officially announced that the digital series and Note series, as popular product lines by users, are returning one after another . Meilan stated that it still adheres to the original intention of "Youth Goods" and continues to provide users with high-quality, easy-to-use and inexpensive mobile phones.

The last model of the Charm Blue Note series is the "Charm Blue Note 6," equipped with a 5.5-inch screen, 1920×1080 resolution, Snapdragon 625, 3GB RAM, and 32GB storage. 18W high-power mCharge fast charge, 4000mAh battery capacity, the price starts at $124 USD, it was also a hot model at the time.

After the return of Meizu Blue, we will wait and see whether the Note series can return to the mainstream mobile phone industry.

The Meizu Blue digital series has been exposed before. The Meizu 10 mobile phone poster appeared in Meizu Suning’s self-operated flagship store. It uses a water drop screen and has three colors of black, green and white. The following mobile phones.

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