BYD Electronics: Co-developed Reno7 series star rain lithography process with OPPO to create texture patterns with 8 micron lithography accuracy

Yesterday, the new OPPO Reno7 series was officially released, with 3 colors including Star Rain Wish, Morning Gold/Twilight Snow Gold, Starry Night Black. Among them, the back cover of "Xingyu Wish" adopts the industry's first aerospace-grade star shower lithography process, with 1.2 million meteor shower textures, supplemented by a starry sky-like color design.

Today, BYD Electronics stated that the Star Rain lithography process was jointly developed by OPPO and BYD Electronics and is made using LDI (Laser Direct Writing Imaging) technology. For the first time, the LDI process was introduced into the back cover of the mobile phone to create a texture with 8 micron lithography accuracy. Pattern . As the light circulates, it presents cool and warm color temperatures and gradual tones, and you can feel the three-dimensional touch of the undulating star trails in your hand.

As the main supplier of the back cover of the Reno7 series of mobile phones and the exclusive supplier of Xingyu Lithography, BYD Electronics also pointed out that the assembly of hidden hot-bending optical fibers, the parameter test of the breathing lamp, the auxiliary processing and assembly adjustment of the ceramic camera decoration sheet... …The number of assembly accessories and the assembly process of the rear cover of the Reno7 series have increased by multiples compared with the previous ones, and the assembly difficulty can be regarded as the most difficult generation of the Reno series. 

The Xingyu lithography process is also BYD Electronics' first to achieve ultra-fine grating texture effect on the surface of the glass backplane. Since the cooperation, BYD Electronics and OPPO have jointly created more than 20 series of smart phones such as Reno and Realme.

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