China cultivate the big data transaction market and explore various forms of data transaction models

China issued the "Fourteenth Five-Year" Big Data Industry Development Plan, which proposed that by 2025, the estimated scale of the big data industry will exceed 3 trillion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of around 25%. , A modern big data industry system with strong innovation, high added value, and independent control has basically taken shape. Breakthroughs have been made in key core technologies, the leading role of standards has been significantly enhanced, a number of high-quality big data open source projects have been formed, and infrastructure such as storage, computing, and transmission has reached the international advanced level.

The plan proposes to promote the establishment of a data element market mechanism for market pricing and government supervision, and to develop market operation systems such as data asset evaluation, registration and settlement, transaction matching, and dispute arbitration. Cultivate the big data trading market, encourage enterprises of all types of ownership to participate in the construction of factor trading platforms , and explore various forms of data trading models.

The plan proposes to fully deploy a new generation of communication network infrastructure and increase the construction of 5G networks and gigabit optical networks . Combining the digital transformation of the industry and the development of urban intelligence, accelerate the layout of industrial Internet, car networking, smart pipe network, smart grid, etc., and promote efficient collection and transmission of global data. Accelerate the construction of a national integrated big data center system, promote the construction of a national industrial Internet big data center, strengthen the overall intelligent scheduling of computing power, and build several national hub nodes and big data center clusters. Build high-performance computing clusters and rationally deploy super-computing centers.

The plan proposes to strengthen R&D investment in big data basic software and hardware, key core technologies , fill up industry shortcomings, and improve basic capabilities. Encourage government industry funds, venture capital and social capital to increase investment in big data companies in accordance with market principles. Encourage local governments to strengthen support for the development of the big data industry, and provide financial rewards and supplements for pilot and demonstration projects for the development of the big data industry, DCMM implementation of standards, etc. Encourage banks to carry out intellectual property pledge financing and other businesses, and support qualified big data companies to go public and raise funds.

The plan proposes to focus on improving the compatibility of heterogeneous data sources and the efficiency of large-scale data collection and processing in the data generation and collection process. In the data storage and processing link, focus on promoting the research and development of high-performance storage and computing systems and edge computing systems to create dedicated hyper-converged hardware solutions. In the data analysis service link, it focuses on promoting the development and application of multi-mode data management, big data analysis and governance systems.

The plan proposes to build a multi-level industrial Internet platform system, enrich the platform database, algorithm library and knowledge base, and cultivate and develop a batch of industrial apps oriented to segmented scenarios. Promote the in-depth application of industrial big data, cultivate new models such as data-driven platform design, networked collaboration, personalized customization, intelligent production, service-oriented extension, and digital management, and standardize the development of gig economy, shared manufacturing, industrial e-commerce, and supply New business formats such as chain finance.

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