China: lithium-ion battery companies to reduce manufacturing projects that simply expand production capacity

 This morning, industrial electronics and Information Division of the Ministry of Information on the "lithium-ion battery industry standard conditions (2021 to the present)" (draft) "lithium-ion battery industry norms announcement Administrative Measures (2021 (Annual Edition)" (Draft for Solicitation of Comments) for public comments.

Among them, the "Lithium-ion Battery Industry Specification Conditions (2021 Edition)" (draft for comments) pointed out:

Lithium-ion battery companies and projects should comply with national laws and regulations on resource development and utilization, ecological environment protection, energy conservation management, safety production, etc. , comply with national industrial policies and relevant industrial planning and layout requirements, and comply with local territorial and spatial planning and ecological environmental protection special planning And other requirements to meet the zoning management and control requirements of the'three lines and one single' ecological environment.

Lithium-ion batteries and supporting projects are not allowed to be built in the permanent basic farmland, the red line of ecological protection determined in the plan, and the areas where the national laws, regulations and rules prohibit the construction of industrial enterprises. Existing enterprises in the above-mentioned areas shall be demolished and closed in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, or strictly controlled in scale and gradually moved out.

Guide enterprises to reduce manufacturing projects that simply expand production capacity , strengthen technological innovation, improve product quality, and reduce production costs.

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